The Best Fashion at the Golden Globes

2019 award season officially started at last night’s Golden Globes. This year marked the return of glamour, as stars arrived in bold and dramatic pieces, a complete change from last year’s red carpet, where everyone in Hollywood made a statement by wearing black in favor of the Times Up campaign.

There were a lot of new faces mixed with household names sporting vivid colors along with bows, fringe, and puffy sleeves. Bows were E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E and they came in all sizes and fabrics (Hello Penelope Cruz!) Emerald green and brilliant spins on yellow were popular throughout the entire night. However, if someone stole the show, it was Lady Gaga by showing up in a periwinkle Maison Valentino gown with larger-than-life sleeves and train.

The 76th Golden Globe Awards’ red carpet will most likely be remembered for its combination of fairytale gowns and dramatic Hollywood throwbacks. Here are all the best outfits of the night.


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