The Style Evolution of the Jonas Brothers

Can we talk about the evolution of the Jonas Brothers? I have never been a fan of the trio but since their comeback last year, it’s clear a new era has started. Their music has a new sound and their style reinvention has peaked to the maximum. Long are the days were the Jonas’ equal Disney Channel. Today, the brothers are all grown up and waking up every teenage instinct in all of us 30 somethings.

It all started with their comeback video for Sucker, where they, along with their wives, wore looks straight from the runways of Prabal Gurung, Dries Van Noten, Marchesa, and Giambattista Valli. As the year passed by, their style kept unfolding and surprising everyone. They now favor bright, mixed patterns and polished streetwear looks, and you can see them sitting in the front rows of all the prestigious fashion shows.

So my friends, if you haven’t seen what The Jonas’ look like now, here I leave a small preview of their tailored and all grown-up style.


And of course, the video that took the brothers to fashion stardom

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