Victoria Beckham x Target

Although Victoria Beckham was first known as the beloved Posh Spice, now she is one of the most sought-after fashion designers in the world. She has established her brand to the point of becoming a household name, and her popularity has significantly increased in the past few years. It was then no surprise that she partnered up with Target to create their next capsule collection. The much-anticipated line will be hitting stores on April 9, and it will count with more than 200 pieces across the women’s, girl’s, toddler and baby categories.

For this collection, Beckham got her inspiration from the “shared experiences between a mother and child” but not without bringing her characterized upbeat charm. The result is a line that is fashionable, yet free-spirted and timeless.  #VBxTarget features soft pastels, English lace, circus scallops and bright pops of colors for both mom and daughter. The pieces range in price from $6 to $70, with most items coming in at less than $40. Flattering silhouettes and pressed English flowers will surely fly off the shelves, so take a moment to glance at the entire collection to make your selections now!


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