Wearing White After Labor Day?

Summer is officially gone, and fall has made its big appearance. Unless you live in Florida, the temperatures have slightly dropped, and #sweaterweather is finally here. While we need to start making way for this season’s must-haves, what about leaving white in our closets? Since we can remember, we have heard the fashion rule that states white is a big no-no after Labor Day, but do you know where that myth originated?

While no one is 100% sure of where this came from, the theory is that it started among the elite America of the 19th century. One theory states that white was only used by society women when covering up while on summer vacation as a way of staying cool during the hot months. Other historians believe this rule was a snobbish way for women in society to distinguish themselves among the societal hierarchies. 

Fast forward to 2020, and fashion designers, stylists, editors, and tastemakers don’t play by this “rule.” So if they can, so can we! Its time to shut down this silly old myth. It’s time to grab fashion by its horns because, after all, fashion is all about expressing yourself no matter the season, shape, or color you choose to wear. 

I put together a few white styles that will get you covered throughout fall and winter. These easy looks can be created with items you probably already own. So get ready to raid your closet or that vintage shop you’ve been waiting to try and bring the winter whites out to play!

Do you wear white after Labor Day? 

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