Lana Del Rey Delivers High Drama at the BB&T

Images by Fernando Rocha

The queen of Coney Island graced South Florida with her presence this past Feb, 1st, and to say she delivered a powerful show is an understatement. Lana came back to Florida after a 4-year hiatus with her tour LA to the Moon. The stage was set up in a movie like fashion and adorned with palm trees and a moonlight glow, all while a screen in the background played black and white images of her and the California shoreline.


A smoky and somber atmosphere sat the tone for the night, as Del Rey’s powerful voice intoxicated the entire arena. She began her set with “13 Beaches,” a track from her newest album “Lust for Life,” and from the moment she sang “it took 13 beaches to find one empty,” we all knew we were in for a treat.


Lana’s repertoire counted with tracks from her new album as well as songs from past records like Video Games, Blue Jeans, National Anthem, and Off to the Races. It was during the solo acoustic performance of “Yayo,” where Del Rey showcased her instrumental abilities, as she played her Flying V guitar.


Melancholy was served throughout the entire concert, and rather than being frowned upon, it was celebrated as all the fans sang every lyric with her. Del Rey is known for her cinematic type of music as her vocals are nothing short of a breath of sadness with a hint of hope for the future. In the light of the #timesup movement, Del Rey’s “God Bless America- And All the Beautiful Women in it” turned into the perfect women’s empowerment anthem, as every member of the audience sang to the top of their lungs.


Overall, Del Rey mesmerized her audience by creating an intimacy almost unheard of during shows that take place in an arena. It was evident she genuinely cared about connecting with the attendees while delighting them with her sweet and mysterious harmonies.


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