The Cure

The Cure 2016 Tour

The Cure 2016 Tour

The Bayfront Park served as the venue where Robert Smith, and the rest of The Cure delighted their fans this past June 26. As a lover of the British band myself, I have to admit going to see them was part of my bucket list. I have already seen countless videos of The Cure in all of their glory, so I was prepared for an outstanding performance. However, when Robert, Simon, Reeves, Roger and Jason began to harmonize, and the guitar strums started to align with the beating of the drums and Robert’s soothing vocals, everything I thought I knew about their performances skyrocketed.

They commenced the show with their song “Open” and rapidly moved to hits like “Kyoto Song” and a “Night Like This”, which made everyone’s feet tap to the rhythm of the music. Thirty minutes into the show, they began to play the intro to their acclaimed “Pictures of You” (one of my personal favorites) and it was at that moment, that more than one person took their kleenex out to reminisce their lost loves. “High” “If Only We Could Sleep” and “The Twilight Garden” also made an act of presence, which was immediately followed by the ultimate lovesong of all “Lovesong”.

The happy beats of “Just Like Heaven” then began to play, and we all knew it was time to dance. However, I must admit the surprise of the night for this humble fan, was when they played “Trust,” which in my mind was not a song I would ever hear them play live. Two hours passed by, and the band still sounded record-perfect. While I thought everything was coming to an end, four encores followed their 18 songs set, making this epic show one with 34 songs in total and massive satisfaction for every fan who attended.

The industrial rock tunes of “Alt.End” also made it to the playlist, and it immediately began to bring back memories since this was the first song I ever heard of The Cure, and the reason why I fell in love with them.  Of course the show could not end without their energizing and upbeat tunes of “Why Can’t I Be You”, “Boys Don’t Cry” and “Close to Me,” all which created the perfect end to a magical night.

Ever since I heard The Cure for the first time they instantly became my favorite band, but I must admit I was not ready to hear Robert’s voice sound the same as it did 30 years ago.  In a perfect world, The Cure will come back to Florida with every tour they headline, but even if this was the only time they were to visit the Sunshine State, I think is safe to assume they gave their all for all of us.

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