The New Sounds of Paramore

Eric Ryan Anderson

Paramore has been in the music scene for over 13 years, and throughout this time we have seen each of the band members grow up before our eyes. The band hasn’t released new music since 2013, so to say they were due for new tunes it’s an understatement.

The new single titled ‘Hard Times” is nothing like their original sounds. This time around, the band has separated from their distorted power chords and emo ballads and has created a single, filled with upbeat and rhythmic melodies.

Paramore’s new sound is effervescent and truly shows the maturity of the band. Although their latest album is not available yet, their first single is a wide indication of their new sound. For this album, the band was inspired by Afrobeats and the characteristic textures of the 80’s.

The breezy island vibes of “Hard Times” is reflected in the song’s video, which looks nothing apart from a postcard from the set of Saved by The Bell. The candy-colored clip exemplifies Hayle’s struggle with depression, thanks to the electric puffy clouds that continually chased her throughout the video

“After Laughter” will be released on May 12, making this Paramore’s fifth LP

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