Yellowcard Says Goodbye


Since Yellowcard appeared on the music scene in the late 90’s, they have managed to tap into each of their fans’ emotions. It was then no surprise,  that for their last self-titled album, they released a production that was sure to squeeze every tear out of our eyes.

This is the band’s last record, and all of their devoted fans have been waiting for it since their 2014 “Lift A Sail.” While many of us are still in shock they will be closing the curtain to their musical careers as a band, the deep gratefulness we feel towards them goes beyond words. Their honesty has allowed for their fans to deeply connect with the band as many of the things they have gone through, have also been part of those people’s life.

For many of us, growing up with Yellowcard has been a delight. However, have been able to hear and experience the growth of the band musically, has been nothing but ravishing. Throughout this album we can hear the characterized violin notes, along with the strumming of the guitars and pop-punk tracks; but with a distinct air of the countryside, which has influenced the band lately.

This album is a walk down memory lane of a damaged relationship, and how one’s fate is in the hands of time, to heal the wounds and overcome what lies ahead. With lyrics like “if you rewrote the past, you think you’d you just leave me out?” the emotions are palpable, and make you immediately immerse yourself into the world they are describing.

What makes this album so relatable, is that anyone who has been through a tough relationship, can understand the pain and uncertainty that comes at the end of a walk with that other person, whether is a friend, a family member or a significant other. In the track  “Fields and Fences” a mandolin, the keyboard and the violin, come together to relate the message, it is time to let go, settle down, and say goodbye without any fear of the future.

While my eyes watered as I finished writing this piece, all I could  think of was if I had the chance to say anything to the band it would be thank you. Thank you for helping me conquer the rough patches in life, and thank you for allowing me to be part of your experiences.

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