Saturday at the Museum

I have been wanting to take a trip down to the Frost Art Museum for the past 2 months, and this weekend it finally happened! The weather was perfect in South Florida, which allowed me to bring out the jeans and a wool hat, without having to sweat uncontrollably.

For this time around, I decided to stay on trend and wear my embroided jeans, while keeping the comfort at 100%. My black Steve Madden loafers were the shoes of choice since I can walk in them all day.


I love accessories, but at times I am still scared of going overboard. However, I took the step this time and added bangles, a watch and a cocktail ring to my arm, while using a unique bag made out of a cigar box. All which perfectly paired with the pins and patches on my jeans.


A black sleeveless blouse by H&M was my top of choice, and a black floppy hat added the final touch to my look.


Where to Shop

Black Blouse

Embroided Denim

Floppy Hat

Black Loafers

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