White Shirt Summer

There is nothing more versatile than a white shirt. While most people think of wearing it only when running errands or working out, there is an infinity of ways a white shirt can enhance every women, with their everyday wardrobe.

Whether you want to use it for a date night, a pool party or even the office, below you will find the most stylish ways you can incorporate a white shirt in your attire.

Pool Party

While swimwear is required at pool parties, that does not mean you can just focus on the swim attire only and forget what goes on top. Au contraire, your cover-up is just as important, and a white shirt is the most functional garment you can add to any look. Pick a pair of printed shorts to go on top of your bikini and pair it with a white sleeveless crop-top to balance out the prints. Don’t forget the floppy hat and the metallic sandals.

Running Errands


When running errands, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. Whether you have to be out all day or just a few hours, is always important to look and feel good since many things can come your way during the day. Pick a denim sleeveless dress, and throw a short sleeve white shirt underneath to create layer envy. Add a white cap and red loafers to bring the look to comfort, and you will be ready to take the day.



Nowadays office wear has become more relax, which is why a white shirt makes the perfect companion to any pencil skirt and a blazer. Since you will be using a plain shirt, you are encouraged to play with heavy prints on your skirt and balance it out by wearing an uni-color blazer and nude pumps.

Date Night

white tee for a date night

Whoever said you can’t wear a white shirt to a date is wrong! Take a pair of fringed jeans, add a white tee and throw a black long vest on top to create the perfect look for a date night. Make sure to make this outfit speak your true fashion language,and add a pop of color and fun with your shoes and bag.

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