Blogging in a Social Distancing Time

While the world is uncertain right now and social distancing is a must, not everything is lost. During these times we might not be able to hang out with friends at our local restaurants, and boredom might be eating you alive, but don’t despair! Being at home might be challenging for many, but now it’s the time to take on those projects you’ve been putting off due to lack of time.

If you are a blogger, work on that website you’ve been wanting to put up, or take those photos and push yourself out of your comfort zone to become a better version of yourself. Now more than ever, your followers want to see how you are spending your quarantine. They are hungry for new content and ready to hear everything you want to share, whether is personal stories, product reviews, or photos, now it’s the time to go the extra mile as a blogger.

With that in mind, I made a list of activities and tasks we can get our hands on during this time of social distancing.

Write Blog Posts

Let’s face it unless blogging is your main source of income, you most likely work a full-time job, you are a student, a mom, a wife, a girlfriend and everything in the book, and there are only so many hours in a day. Whether you are working from home or having to take some obligatory time off, get back to your roots and let your hands type until they can’t type anymore. 

Start by writing ideas and topics you want to cover, then create a calendar of when you want to posts these articles and pre-schedule everything that way you become accountable for your work. Since I write about fashion, music, and beer, I created a list of the topics I want to create each month and a date of when I want the posts to go live, this is helping me to stay focus and on track.Β 

Create Content

I know right now everyone is bound to stay home, but don’t take this as an excuse to not create anything. You can turn your house into a photo studio or explore your neighborhood to take those photos around your house. You might not be particularly promoting a brand or place, but you can still let your imagination run wild. 

Think of yourself as a stylist! Whether you promote food, clothes, makeup or accessories, you can always style a photoshoot with items you have in your closet or laying around the house and make them look like they belong in a magazine.

Reach out to Local Brands

Now more than ever, local and small shops are hurting. One way you can help as a blogger is to reach out and feature them in your social media channels and even do a small write up about them for your blog. With everything happening, they might not have a big budget or maybe even no budget at all to pay you to promote, but this is an opportunity for you to help them to get promotion while creating content for your page. In the end, these business owners will be thankful for the exposure, and you could potentially land an exclusive deal with them in the near future. 

Resale Used Clothes

Spring cleaning time is here and now that you have those extra hours to kill, go through your closet and get ready to thank those pants that once fit. Marie Kondo your entire wardrobe and if you have pieces that are practically new or even with a tag still on (totally guilty of that) you know it’s time to move on, and why not make money while you are at it!

Create flatlays with the pieces you are selling, or wear those pieces and ask whoever you are quarantining with to take pictures of you and get ready to make some extra cash. You can create your online vintage stores at websites like Poshmark, ThreadUp, The Real Real.

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