Going to a Beer Fest and Don’t Know What to Wear? I’ve Got You Covered!

With Tampa Beer Week happening this week, the time has come to dive into my closet and figure out what to wear to all the beer events I’ll be attending. While this is my third time visiting Tampa for beer week, I always question what I should wear that will allow me to be comfortable, yet looking chic for the festivities. This year, unlike any others, I will be going to more than one event and beer release, and while most attendees only have beer in mind, what’s a girl gotta do to make sure she drinks in style?

One thing for sure is that comfort is KEY. Which brings me to my first rule of thumb, heels are the enemy! Think about it, you will be at a festival for 4-5 hours and you will be standing up for most (if not all of the event) You’ll be walking to the different booths to sample beers and at the same time, socializing and doing a little bit of dancing. Trust me, heels will not be the vehicle that will allow you to enjoy the event to the fullest. Instead, opt for booties or platform sandals. They will keep you comfortable and will most likely work with any outfit you choose.

Now, I might not be a cicerone, but one thing I know its fashion. What I’ve learned throughout the years I’ve been attending beer fests, is that you want to avoid wearing anything too tight. You’ll be drinking most likely heavy beers, and the last thing you want is to feel like a sausage. Go for flowy silhouettes like shirt dresses and high waisted shorts or pants to keep everything under control.

Another item I always take with me to a beer fest is a hat. Most festivals are outdoors and the sun can get pretty brutal after a few hours, Whether you are a baseball cap, baker hat or a fedora hat type of gal, make sure to incorporate one into your look. They always add a nice touch to any outfit while keeping you safe from the sun.

Next up, accessories! You can go for oversized sunglasses, layered necklaces, dusters or vests, but one thing for sure is that you can’t ever over-accessorize. These are the items that will bring your look to the next level and will make you stand out from among the crowd.

Lastly, I love to be hands-free when I go to a beer fest, which is why I usually bring a fanny pack. While they were popular in the ’90s, these little fellas made a huge comeback 3 years ago, and their reinvention has been totally worth it. Now, you can find them in different colors and shapes, so you can mix and match them with anything you choose to wear.

If you are visiting Tampa Beer Week or your local brewery beer festival, make sure to try some of the tips above, but most importantly, have fun with what you wear, as much as you will drinking beer. Cheers!

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