Gucci Cruise 18 Collection

Photos by: Yannis Vlamos /

It seems Athens, Greece has been the theme for the upcoming Cruise Collections, and labels like Chanel and Gucci are bringing Ancient Greece back to life. While Karl Lagerfeld brought the Parthenon to the Grand Palais, Alessandro Michelle brought Greece to the Palatine Gallery of the Palazzo Pitti in Florence. In the midst of the Boticellis, and Uccellos, Michelle showcased an exquisite collection filled with gilded wreaths and capes.

Although Greece was the main focus throughout the collection, Michelle’s keen eye for extravagance and adherence to Gucci’s classical theme was palpable. There were men and women ensembles that redefined the Greek style, all while mixing the psychedelic 60’s and flower 70’s.

This innovative representation showcased eye-browless girls, along with tiaras with silver lyres, head scarves, and wool bandeaux. The entire collection counted with several separate pieces, perfectly created to mix and match. There were Grecian pleats, leopard turbans, flowing tresses, print palazzo pantsuits and windowpane tweed tailoring. Tights and socks had Gucci’s logo printed in a glittery palette, and slogans reading Guccy, Guccification, and Guccify Yourself stole the show.


Photos by: Yannis Vlamos /

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