Ethical Fashion is the New Black


Today on Earthday Birthday, we celebrate the mother of all life… Earth. Although we are advancing in technology, it seems we keep taking steps back when it comes to loving and honoring the place where we live. While some companies are starting to implement eco-friendly practices, we still have a long run before we can actually heal the earth.

Unfortunately, one of the industries that do the most damage to the planet is the fashion one. Fast-fashion companies have created a bigger problem due to the amount of water, garbage, and chemicals used in order to produce millions of garments for the thirsty consumer demand.

Documentaries like The True Cost shine a light on how the fast fashion industry depletes the earth’s resources and leverages slave labor to pass on a “cheap” cost to the end consumer. This has raised a red flag under society’s eyes and as the end users, we must become conscious about our purchases. With them, we can make a positive difference in the world.

Producing ethical fashion has become a priority for brands across the board, and the industry is recognizing the importance of sustainable fashion. The five companies listed below are on the list because of their eco credentials, and they are making their mission to find that perfect balance where both people and the planet are taking in consideration.
Who: ASOS Eco Edit
What: ASOS is committed to reducing the impact on the planet. By working with eco-friendly brands and global initiatives, they’ve put together an edit of clothing, accessories and beauty products that fit within our criteria for sustainability.


Who: Krochet Kids Intl.
What: Krochet Kids intl. has continued to grow and evolve since their beginning.  Today, over 150 people in Uganda and Peru are working, receiving education, and being mentored toward a brighter future in creating gifts that give back through the companies’ empowerment program.


Who: Monsoon
What: Committed to ethical trading, Monsoon’s ethical compliance team aims to protect workers by setting out minimum requirements on working conditions, pay and employment rights.  They are also committed to best practices in recycling and minimizing waste, along with saving energy and protecting animals.


Who: Tribe Alive
What: Tribe Alive partner with female artisans in Guatemala, Haiti, India, Honduras, and Fort Worth, Texas to employ impoverished women at fair-trade wages. Their goal is to create safe work environments, dependable income, and the power to determine their own future.


Who: Osborn Shoes
What: Founded in 2009, Osborn Shoes focuses on the handmade, the sustainable, vertical production, and eco-friendly materials. Originally starting with one cobbler and 2 sewers in Guatemala, the team eventually grew to 30 employees in the workshop making really fun colorful shoes, most using custom weaves produced by weaving masters close to their production.


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