Who Run the World… GIRLS!

Although women are to be celebrated each and every day, this March 8th, women from all over the nation are getting together to celebrate life, equality, justice and human rights. The rally named A Day Without a Woman is a one-day demonstration of solidarity towards women of all races, status, and cultures, and its only goal is to have us raise our voices together in order to make this world a fair and equal one for all and our future generations.

A Day Without a Woman is all about recognizing the value that women of all backgrounds add to our system in spite of many receiving lower wages, experiencing inequities, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Anyone anywhere can participate the rally by joining the marches that will take place all over the country, or by showing support by wearing red and by strictly shopping at minority and women-owned business.

In solidarity with the movement, many retail stores, and widely known business have created campaigns to help women. Such is the case of retail giant Ann Taylor, who has launched the HERlead Fellowship, which uses mentorship and leadership training to inspiring future generations of female leaders. The HERlead Fellowship strives to create the world where young women can pursue their bright futures with confidence.

In order to bring awareness to the cause, Ann Taylor created the video This is Ann to highlight the past, present and future generation of women and the victories they have achieved. The video calls for those watching to apply or nominate a young woman with the passion, to create positive change in her community and, ultimately, affect global progress.

As a woman and immigrant, I can’t think of a better scenario than this to express ourselves freely and become the embodiment of a feminist. This is the day women unite and inspire to make a difference in society… fear no more and let your voice be heard!

Learn more about the HERlead movement here herlead.vitalvoices.org

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