Happy New Year, Happy New Us!

To say the past month was hectic is nothing but an understatement! With all the festivities, travels and family gatherings, it was easy to put some things on the back burner because we were simply exhausted or too busy with extracurricular activities. Such is the case of this girl right here, who like a horrible mother abandoned her child a.k.a Alternatively Chic and has not posted not even a single hello in over a month.Β  I know in terms of blog life, Alt Chic is still a baby, and while it may not have millions of followers yet, I still wanted to thank each and every single person who has liked, share,Β  comment or simply viewed any of the post made here. It all means so much to me because it shows I must be doing something right!


Although the year started four days ago, there is a long list of new things that will be coming up, along with wonderful partnerships that have been cooking over the past few months. As the year unfolds, more doors will open and exciting opportunities will be ready to be discovered, and I can only hope you are all there with me to enjoy them at first hand.

So cheers for a new beginning and for a new year filled with nothing more than success!

Illustration by Blair Breitenstein

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