The Summer of Denim

Whether you use a pair of jeans for the cold months or break out the jean shorts for the summertime, is not a secret denim is everyone’s friend throughout the entire year. For this upcoming summer, denim is roaring louder than ever, and we will see household trends like skinnies out, to welcome wide-leg jeans back into our lives; along with the comeback of denim over denim sets and embroidered jeans.

The Wide Leg


Whether you go for a culotte or a full-length wide-leg jean, they are the perfect item that will bring you comfort, and will make you look polished at the same time. The key to make them work is to pair them with a fitted top in order to create the right balance, and give you that desired hourglass shape.

The Embroidered


Embroidered denim is everywhere we turn, and the best part is that they are no longer for teens. These artful bohemian designs add that laid back spirit to every look. Just remember to keep the prints to a minimal when choosing a top and shoes.

The Bra


Why wait for Fall to begin layering our clothes, when we can experiment with it now?! The denim bra is the perfect garment that will help you achieve major layering skills during the summertime. Pair a denim bra with a fitted vest and a pair of high-waisted pants, for a joyful “date night” look.

The Matching Set


Denim over denim is back, and better than ever! Pair a denim pencil skirt with laser cut designs and  a denim blouse to create a classy and feminine look that will make you the belle of the ball. Add chunky strap heels and floral accessories to complete your summer set.

The Jumpsuit


Bring out your inner flower child with a denim jumpsuit, and rock it out the next time you go to brunch with your girls! This one-denim piece does not need much embellishments, but when picking the accessories go for bright colors and fun shapes to truly give that 70’s vibe.

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